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Historical Armored Combat Sports Association

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About Us

To Really be a Knight

Heavy Armoured Combat Sports Association, (HACSA), is a National Federation of Canadian Armoured Combat teams. As a governing body of our sport in Canada we organize demos, tournaments and selection events for Canadians, and manage international connections and organize teams travelling abroad to fight to represent Canada.  We work to advance the sport of medieval combat in Canada, and include fighters of all ages and genders who want to fight with us. 

HACSA has teams spread across Canada and is continuing to grow quickly. As our community expands, our hope is to put on bigger and bigger tournaments every year, each surpassing the last, and to challenge fighters both domestically and internationally!

HACSA has partnerships with a number of international organizations in medieval combat and will continue to work for our fighters to continue participating in events worldwide.

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We have teams all over Canada who would love to welcome you as a member. 

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